Life Coach Carol Becker

Carol E. Becker, CCHt

Dementia Therapy Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master TimeLine® Practitioner, Trauma Therapist.

Client Comments

“Carol Becker’s depth and breadth of knowledge and skills as a  certified master practitioner and coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming are exceptional. I highly recommend her to help anyone transform their life and achieve their values.”
(R. C.  Florida, USA)

Anger and frustration in the workplace: “Carol and I were over many years coworkers. We shared countless meetings in which she had the opportunity to observe my behavior. My interpersonal skills in conflict situations were poor and could benefit from good advice. It took one conversation with Carol where she provided a few techniques to take control of my frustrations. After that day my behavior improved, and professional opportunities opened up. However, the learning never ends and ten years after still remember Carol’s advice when in conflictive situations.”
(JF, San Diego, CA)

"Helped me understand that my past does not have to define my future."
(JB, Gilbert, AZ)

"Getting my life back."
(RO, Chandler, AZ)

"The value of your work – Priceless."
(JB Queen Creek, AZ)

"Gave me the freedom to allow myself to move forward."
(NH,  Chandler, AZ)

"I feel free! In my chest, heart, I can breathe freely."
(RO, Chandler, AZ)

"You helped us understand some of our fears, anxieties and figure out the root cause why we have them."
(RW, Gilbert, AZ)

"Coming to peace with myself."
(TT, Gilbert AZ)

"Helped to untangle issues, not just superficial stuff at the top."
(RW, Gilbert AZ)

"Helped me get clarity on issues and problems I was dealing with."
(RV,  Chandler, AZ)